Splash Image About DataFluidics

Data Fluidics, Inc. is a provider of software and consultancy services for financial markets.

Headquartered in New Jersey and privately held, DataFluidics builds upon the strength of its Reflex proprietary data processing framework to deliver customized solutions for quantitative trading firms.


Daniel Kopko

Daniel Kopko, CEO, Data Fluidics, Inc., is a seasoned technical architect with over a decade of first-hand exposure to an enviable array of systems and circumstances. From the big-data challenges of some of the largest tier-one banks to the crafty engineering of prop quantitative desks, Kopko has dealt with legacy systems and bleeding-edge code bases, and his command of the technical challenges underpinning high-speed trading are second to none. Following his multiple tenures on trading desks, Kopko envisioned and formalized the Reflex platform as a state-of-the-art development platform.