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Capturing market opportunities is about accuracy and timeliness. With the right toolset, you can deliver the timely executions that traders need to turn their ideas into profits. Reflex is the state-of-the-art framework that underpins your algorithms and functionality, accelerating your platform at its core. Reflex transforms the simple expression of your profitable ideas into a program executing at utmost speed — allowing you to focus your expertise more effectively on profit instead of platform.

The Reflex framework uses experienced engineering with proven abstractions to address the commonly observed shortcomings of past platforms. Its architecture and instrumentation matches what engineers would naturally expect and hope to find in their preferred technologies. This flexible framework allows quantitative analysts and systems engineers to accurately represent complex ideas as conceived — without approximations and sacrifices. The accurate representations of your quantitative algorithms will yield more accurate calculations, driving higher returns. Consistent performance and reliability means you can out-compete in all market conditions. If your team were tasked to build a state-of-the-art framework, Reflex is the framework they would hope to achieve. We deliver it today.

What Reflex does