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In a fast-paced industry it is hard to remain on top of technological evolution. The maintenance of existing systems can consume a significant chunk of our technical bandwidth, and sifting through the heaps of information churned daily by performance-related media can become overwhelming. We can help.

Whether you need to ensure that your team is up to speed on technical innovation, performance paradigms or applicable research so your firm can stay ahead in the game, or as part of your commitment to continuous education for your development team, DataFluidics Academy can deliver carefully articulated courses and team updates on performance management.

Starting in September 2012, DataFluidics Academy offers the following course(s):

Time, Observation & Causality

Purpose: Understand how external events come to be known and integrated into your systems.

Description: Delve into the subtleties of causality and clocks. Learn about the limitations of backtesting. See your systems from the point of view of your data.

Audience: Mid-level to senior engineers

Prerequisite: Computer Science degree with 1-5 years of relevant industry experience

DataFluidics can also design courses to cover specific subject matter in the fields of your interest.

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